Welcome everybody to our South America trip 2008

Welcome to our website. In this way you can follow us on our trip through Southamerica and maybe even find some useful information for your own expedition to this wonderful continent. In order for you guys to know where we are, here some dates. From March 13 through April 1 we will be in Argentina. Then, we will go to Santiago de Chile and maybe even reach Bolivia. On April 15 we will fly to Peru. From there, on April 24 we will head off to Ecuador to reach the northern Hemisphere again. Hopefully we will manage to get a trip on the Galapagos Islands. After that, on May 2 and 8 respectively (Niko will stay a little longer to hang out with his ecuatorian friends from Maastricht) we will be in Costa Rica to ride some waves before travelling eastwards to Venezuela on May 20. On May 25 we will go to Colombia. Finally, on May 30 Mexico will be the last destination before returning to European soil on June 11. Have fun reading and do not forget to leave us a message in our guestbook. Un abrazo a todos y un beso a todas, Illi and Niko.

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If you do not want to leave a message in our guestbook, there is always the chance to private message us and send an E-Mail to Niko or send an E-Mail to Illi. We will be happy about every kind of recommendation, tip, criticism, etc. and will certainly get back to you.

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